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September 13, 2021

Newsletter - September 2021

Jenny Chiu

Updated on September 20, 2021

In this month's newsletter, learn about our enhancements to Institution Status, Link, and the Transactions API.

Product highlights

New ‘check_number’ field for the Transactions API

By popular request, we added a new field to reflect the check number for check transactions. This additional insight can help you verify and reconcile the specific checks that have been deposited or withdrawn from a user’s account. Just look out for the ‘check_number’ field in the API response. View API docs to learn more.

Debug user issues with new enhancements to Institution Status

By popular request, we added more insights to Status on the Dashboard. See a historical view of the item add success rate for each institution, and how often items are updated for transaction data. In addition, the status for institutions that support consumer-permissioned liabilities data is now available in the Dashboard.

Investments custom sandbox available for testing

You can now input your own mock data for holdings, securities, and investment transactions when testing in the Sandbox environment.

Client libraries supported by Open API spec now available in GA

We’ve released our client libraries supported by the OpenAPI schema so that you can auto-generate your own client libraries in your preferred programming language. Starting now, our older client libraries will only get security-critical updates. For new features, upgrade to the new libraries.

More insights from transactions data

We’re now exploring ways to surface more data insights, such as recurring expenses and income streams. Take our brief survey to tell us how you would use recurring transactions.

Fallback Auth FI coverage available in API

For customers enabled with Fallback Auth option, you now have visibility into which institution Plaid connects to by auth flow (e.g. Instant Match, Automated Micro-Deposits, or Same-Day Micro-Deposits). Simply call institutions/get and set options.include_auth_metadata to true. If you are not yet enabled for Fallback Auth, please reach out to your account manager.

Enhancements to Link to improve your customers’ experience

We’re continually improving Link so that your customers can conveniently connect their accounts with you. Learn about the latest enhancements that provide improved guidance to your customers, as well as refreshed iconography. 

Sandbox testing for OAuth

Curious how an institution’s OAuth flow will look for your customers? Now, you can simulate a financial institution’s OAuth flow in a Sandbox using “Platypus OAuth.”

Virtual events

Recording: 8/25 OAuth Workshop

Our customer engineering team hosted a workshop on Wednesday, August 25 to walk through the process to implement OAuth and answer Q&A. You can find the workshop recording here.

Recording: 8/31 Account Funding Workshop

If you missed the workshop where we shared insights on how to accelerate customer onboarding and minimize ACH errors, you can watch the recording here.

Integration best practices

Required upgrade for Link SDKs 

Last month, we released Android 3.5, iOS 2.2, and React Native 7.1 Plaid Link SDKs. Prior versions will not be supported after September 1, 2022 so we encourage you to implement or upgrade to these versions as soon as you can. 

For a complete record of Link SDK changes, including minor updates and patch fixes, see the GitHub changelog for iOS, Android and React Native.