Product endpoints

Endpoints associated with specific Plaid products


Retrieve and refresh 24 months of historical transaction data, including geolocation, merchant, and category information.

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/transactions/getFetch transaction data
/transactions/refreshRefresh transaction data
/categories/getFetch all transaction categories





Retrieve bank account information to set up electronic funds transfers, such as ACH payments in the US, EFT payments in Canada, BACS payments in the UK, and IBAN / SIC payments in the EU.

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/auth/getFetch account information



Verify real-time account balances.

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/accounts/balance/getFetch real-time account balances



Verify the name, address, phone number, and email address of a user against bank account information on file.

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/identity/getFetch identity data



Create, delete, retrieve and share Asset Reports with information about a user's assets and transactions.

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/asset_report/createCreate an Asset Report
/asset_report/getGet an Asset Report
/asset_report/pdf/getGet a PDF Asset Report
/asset_report/refreshCreate an updated Asset Report
/asset_report/filterFilter unneeded accounts from an Asset Report
/asset_report/removeDelete an asset report
/asset_report/audit_copy/createCreate an Audit Copy of an Asset Report for sharing
/asset_report/audit_copy/removeDelete an Audit Copy of an Asset Report





This endpoint returns binary PDF data. View a sample Asset Report PDF.







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/investments/holdings/getFetch investment holdings
/investments/transactions/getFetch investment transactions




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/liabilities/getFetch liabilities data


Payment Initiation (Europe)

Make payment transfers from your app (currently available for sending payments from accounts within the UK only). Plaid supports both domestic payments denominated in pound sterling (typically via the Faster Payments network) and international payments denominated in euro (typically via SEPA Credit Transfer).

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/payment_initiation/recipient/createCreate a recipient
/payment_initiation/recipient/getFetch recipient data
/payment_initiation/recipient/listList all recipients
/payment_initiation/payment/createCreate a payment
/payment_initiation/payment/getFetch a payment
/payment_initiation/payment/listList all payments