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May 10, 2021

Improving the payments experience in the UK

Albert Malikov

One year ago, we launched Payment Initiation in the UK, which included a new Payment Initiation experience in Plaid Link. Link is the fastest way to get started. It’s optimised for a seamless experience, and ensures your user experience benefits from the full Plaid platform.

Since then, we’ve focused on improving the user experience for making payments. We introduced QR code authentication to remove friction from the Plaid account linking desktop experience, enabling people to authenticate—and thus make payments—quickly and securely. 

We learned from our customers that customisation is important—not just buttons and colours but also the ability to control the full payments’ experience. 

Customise your UX for Payment Initiation
In addition to our plug and play Plaid Link we are now offering another integration option for Payment Initiation in the UK–Modular Link. Modular Link enables you to customise your user interface, without the challenges of front-end integration complexities, to optimise your open banking user journey.

Paysend’s own PIS flow using Modular Link

Plaid Modular Link offers:

  • Customisable UX: The UX is customisable so you can optimise your user journey without front-end integration complexities, such as app-to-app redirects.

  • Easy integration and maintenance: Our SDKs and prebuilt iOS, Android, and Web UI modules are designed to make your integration easier.

  • Whitelabelable: Consumer transparency is important. If you have your own payment initiation license, Plaid offers a fully whitelabelled solution for full user-interface control. Under these circumstances, you would provide PIS, not Plaid.

Plaid customers like Paysend are already using Modular Link. With Plaid’s Payment Initiation, Paysend offers a solution that keeps costs low and improves the user experience—meaning more money in people’s pockets and flowing wherever they want, whenever they want it to.  

“Plaid Link was easy to integrate within Paysend and offers the best in class UX with complete control. We built with Plaid’s SDKs and fully customised the UX to match our need of saving time and complexities for our customers.” - Abhishek Tripathi, Group Head of B2C Product, Paysend

Get started
Setting up Payment Initiation is easy–whether using our plug and play Link or Modular Link. If you’re new to Plaid, please contact our Sales team to get access today. If you’re an existing customer, please reach out to your Growth Account Manager.