For Financial Gym, Plaid’s clean transaction data is key to balanced budgets banner


August 23, 2018

For Financial Gym, a balanced budget starts with clean data

Alex Hegevall Clarke

Updated on October 29, 2019

After the technology behind Financial Gym’s spend-tracking tool, the Training Zone, proved ill-equipped to provide clean transactional data, the New York City-based, fitness-themed financial advisory company linked with Plaid to update its functionality.

Financial Gym relies on the Training Zone and the information it collects to analyze customers’ spending habits, which enables its team of personal trainers to properly coach clients to meet personal budgeting goals. Each time the Training Zone failed to properly link to a client’s bank or credit card account ordelivered unorganized data, it meant trainers didn’t have easy access to the information they needed to be effective advisors. To keep pace with its growing client load, Financial Gym needed a change.

Using Plaid’s proprietary integration module, Financial Gym was able to quickly and easily connect its existing system with Plaid Transactions, which seamlessly links with clients’ financial institutions to deliver balance information and clean transaction data, in context and in real time.

Learn how Financial Gym leverages Plaid’s Transactions to save untold manhours and resources, better serve its clients, and open up new opportunities for company growth.