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April 14, 2023

March 2023 Changelog

Alain Meier

31 days of March, 37 new features, updates and bug fixes across Plaid. Here's the rundown.

Fraud & Compliance

Featured products: Identity Verification, Monitor

What's new:

🔍 Granular Risk Data: Disposable is bad for the environment and bad for fraud. From spotting disposable emails to uncovering a user’s web accounts, you can now access detailed risk data from the Plaid Identity Verification API. Build your own risk decisioning and train custom models with ease. Learn more.

📱 Quickstart App: Curious about Identity Verification? Check out our sample app on GitHub that demonstrates the magic of Identity Verification. Get started in a jiffy.

🇬🇧 Jolly Good Verification: Exciting news - Identity Verification is now live in beeta for UK-based businesses. Verify user identities with confidence and elevate your onboarding game with our nifty Identity Verification product. Cheers mate.

What's better:

📝 Clearer Verification Messages: Failed ID document verification? No worries. We've got more descriptive messages to help users fix the issue in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

📱 Autofill Boost on iOS: Autofill now works for more customers, especially those with Safari on iOS devices. Enjoy Autofill in ~25% more sessions.

📷 Expanded ID Capture Compatibility: Low memory device? No problem. We've given the ID document capture experience some TLC to work better on low-end devices.

🇲🇽 Hola México: Mexican Voter ID cards are now supported. ¡Viva la verificación!

📲 iPad Friendly: ID document image capture is now iPad-ready. Snap and verify on the go.

🔐 Enhanced Device Tracking: We're keeping an eye on every new device that visits an ID verification session, not just the first one. This helps us help you catch new kinds of fraud.

🔗 Smarter Hosted Verification Links: No more mix-ups - we've improved handling for cases where company reps would open the Identity Verification hosted links that they created, connecting their device to the end user’s session erroneously.

What's fixed:

🐛 Bug Bash: We squashed 55 bugs during our "bug bash month" for Identity Verification! So long, pesky critters.

🖥️ Identity Verification Modal Magic: No more doubling in size during initial loading. The Identity Verification modal ditched the stilts and is now acting its size.

🖱️ Publish Button Antics: The "Publish" button on the Editor kept jumping around, but it wasn’t as fun as whack-a-mole. It now stays still. 

🔧 SDK Tweaks: We fixed an issue with the `sessionStatus` event when closing the Link UI for ID verification sessions using the Plaid SDK.

Account Verification & Payments

Featured products: Auth, Balance, Identity, Signal, Transfer

What’s new:

🚀 Transfer’s Instant Payouts via Real-Time Payments (RTP): We recently added RTP as a supported rail to our Transfer product. Instant Payouts – a multi-rail payout solution to send funds instantly to any eligible account (person or business), at any time - is now available. Learn more.

🔗 Introducing Persistent Account IDs: Managing duplicate accounts just got easier. Persistent Account IDs allow you to identify duplicate accounts without relying on raw Account and Routing Numbers. It's a practical solution for minimizing risk and removing duplicates with tokenized accounts (e.g. Chase). Learn more.

🔍 Identity Match in the UK: Meet Identity Match, now live in beta in the UK. Effortlessly match and verify user identities against linked financial accounts. Enjoy less fraud with the same delightful user experience. Learn more. Cheers!

What’s better:

⚡ Enhanced Balance & Identity Performance: We've optimized our systems to reduce latency for Balance and Identity by 50-80% for certain multi-product use cases (e.g., Transactions with Auth or Identity). Experience the speed.

🏦 Expanded Instant Auth Support: We've broadened Instant Auth support to include over 200 new institutions, with a focus on business-oriented institutions like Cross River Bank and Brex. 

🔒 Secure Code-Based Microdeposits: Microdeposit values now show up in the transaction description, not the amount. It’s the default method, providing added protection for our customers against microdeposit harvesting attacks.

📈 Improved Signal Product Quality: We've increased coverage for 16 balance attributes by approximately 15%, enhancing overall reliability.

🔄 Upgraded Transfer: Transfer now supports marketplaces and platforms and has reduced onboarding time to just 24 hours. We've also added expected settlement dates to transactions as well as API endpoints to consume Transfer metrics.

Credit Underwriting

Featured products: Assets, Income

What’s new:

📊 Credit Categories & Github Attribute Library: Great news for Credit customers! Credit Categories and our Github Attribute Library are now live. Use this categorization method and built-in attributes to make informed cash-flow decisions. Learn more.

💼 Income Verification in the UK: Introducing Income Verification, making its debut in the UK in beta. Verify user income with accuracy and ease, and make savvy decisions with our latest addition to the Plaid family in Europe.

What’s better:

🔍 Document Fraud: Say hello to enhanced anti-fraud detection! Our Document Income API now analyzes customer-submitted paystubs, W2s, and 1099s to return risk scores and key fraud signals, including database flagging and content tampering. Stay ahead of fraudsters. Learn more.

💼 Employment Verification: Need to verify employment info? Plaid Income has got you covered! Verify details like employer, start date, and title from connected payroll accounts, with or without other income info. Verification made easy. Learn more.

Personal Finance Insights

Featured products: Transactions, Investments, Enrich

What’s new:

🛍️ Merchant Attributes & Counterparty Insights: Want to improve personalized user experiences or customize rewards programs? You can now get merchant logos and websites, as well as identify parties involved in a transaction (e.g. marketplaces like DoorDash or payment apps like Venmo). This new feature is available as part of our beta program. If you’re interested in testing, email us at

🆕 Merchant IDs Unleashed: Introducing `entity_id`, a unique ID for common merchants and counterparties in the Enrich API response. Customize rules and logic for specific merchants with ease.

What’s better:

📅 Annual Subscription Detection: Recurring Transactions now detects annual subscriptions, joining the detection of weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly cadences. Never miss a beat! Check out the docs for more on Recurring Transactions. 

📈 Investments Coverage: You asked, we delivered! Investments coverage for Truist is now live. Expect more institution coverage on Investments soon.

🛍️ Category Accuracy Boost: Our personal finance categorization machine learning model just got smarter! Enjoy improved accuracy across all categories, with a notable 25%+ recall increase for `LOAN_PAYMENTS` and `INCOME` categories.

🎨 Expanded Logo Coverage: We've added 350+ new merchant and counterparty logos for Enrich, bumping up the average logo fill rate by over 3 percentage points.

Open Finance

Featured product: Core Exchange

What’s better:

🌎 Core Exchange Upgrade: API spec now aligns with FDX v5.1 and includes new use case support for investments and crypto. 

What’s different:

📱 Plaid Portal: Heads up, the Plaid Portal mobile app has been deprecated. Don't worry, we continue to support the web version so your users can control their connections made through Plaid at


Featured product: Wallet Onboard

What’s new:

🔖 Wallet Name Metadata: Wallet Onboard now reveals the wallet's name alongside the connection after users connect their wallet. Insightful!

What’s better:

⚡ Instant Loading: Farewell, spinners! Wallet Onboard loads fully before users click "Connect Wallet," rather than the previous experience where it…didn’t. 

🔗 Optimized Chain Management: Mobile users rejoice! We've refined the flow for managing chains on mobile, reducing drop-off when adding your app's chain to their wallet.

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