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March 27, 2020

Branch helps people with cash flow challenges take care of unplanned expenses

Alex Hegevall Clarke

Updated on April 07, 2020

For the majority of Americans, cash flow is a challenge. More than half live paycheck-to-paycheck, and 40% don’t have $400 in the bank.

Under those conditions, even minor money shocks have the potential to create serious long-term damage to a person’s financial health. A flat tire can lead to a lost job. A missed rent payment can result in an eviction.

Partnering with employers, Branch is an app that helps working Americans with cash flow challenges take care of unplanned expenses. Over time, it helps them get to a better place, financially.

To accomplish that, Branch offers no-cost advances on a person’s earned wages. That money can be deposited into the Branch Wallet, a zero-fee bank account that comes with a debit card. Finally, Branch offers budgeting tools to help people manage their cash flow between paychecks.

“Our users work hard, and they want to get to a better place,” said Ahmed Siddiqui, Vice President of Product at Branch. “Our goal is to remove barriers to financial health and give them the tools they need to get ahead.”