December 20, 2018

3,000+ supported institutions for Auth and Identity

Jesse Dhillon

This year, we’ve made deep investments into expanding our institution coverage in order to help you reach more users, and more account types, using Plaid.

In May, we launched Plaid in Canada–our first international market. In June, we opened a new engineering office in downtown Salt Lake City with a team dedicated to developing and improving bank integrations. And throughout the year we have continued to increase the breadth and depth of our institutional coverage. As a result of all of these efforts, we’re excited to share these milestones:

  • Auth support for 3,600+ institutions

  • Identity support for 3,000+ institutions

  • Institutional coverage for 75%+ of all Canadian accounts

These include more recently, large and well-known institutions such as Discover Bank, Barclaycard, and the Walmart MoneyCard and Money Network Pay Card in the US, as well as Canadian institutions like ATB Financial and Desjardins. We also expanded our coverage of local credit unions, including First Tech, SchoolsFirst, and Patelco credit unions.

In 2019, we’ll be continuing our integration efforts to empower you to better serve users. Stay tuned for more exciting news and milestones to come.