July 01, 2021

Security for the open finance future

Tom Daniels

Plaid plays an important role in the digital finance ecosystem, providing the connective tissue for consumers, the apps they rely on, and financial institutions. The team at Plaid has been on the leading edge of the rapid evolution of fintech and have positively impacted the way people interact with their finances, which is why I am excited to share that I’ve joined the company as chief information security officer (CISO). 

I am joining Plaid after more than seven years building and leading the security program at Square and I’m excited to bring my experience building scalable, customer-centric, security solutions to Plaid, and to help drive its continued evolution, while raising the bar for the broader ecosystem.

I was drawn to Plaid because of their deep investments in security that have brought about infrastructure that is trusted by the largest fintech apps, Fortune 500 companies, and leading banks in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Europe. Plaid Link, the module that helps people connect their apps and financial accounts, is the gold standard for consumer access, security and control in the ecosystem. 

I’m excited to join a team whose culture of delivering developer-focused products and services focuses on data security and consumer control as top priorities. We also share a vision for how to positively impact security and privacy across the ecosystem as digital finance continues to evolve and permeate more areas of our lives. The opportunity to participate in building toward the open finance future – working closely with fintechs, banks, enterprise companies and our enabling partners – is a reason that I’m so excited and optimistic about the path ahead. 

Some of this work is already underway. Later this quarter Plaid, along with several others in our industry, plans to introduce a proposed data security standard designed to help further elevate security, privacy and consumer controls.  We want to achieve a standard that makes sense for this next wave of innovation and that optimizes for cloud-native, technology-focused startups and growth-stage companies. Expect to hear more about that soon.

Over the coming months, I plan to meet many Plaid customers and partners and I look forward to learning more about how we can build a more secure future of open finance together. If you’re as excited as I am about our future, please take a look at our open roles and join us on this journey!