February 22, 2021

Get started in 40+ languages with our Open API spec and client libraries

Pritee Tembhekar

Whether you are building your first product with Plaid or looking to expand your product offering, you need easy access to tools in the programming languages you use. Today, we’re releasing an OpenAPI file so that you can auto-generate your own client libraries in your preferred programming language.

The OpenAPI file

For a long time, we’ve supported and maintained client libraries in a handful of the most popular languages used by developers. We’re now expanding that coverage by using a Plaid API definition file in accordance with the OpenAPI Specification, an industry standard format for APIs. This allows us to quickly release updates to our client libraries, and also makes it simple for you to auto-generate your own client libraries in over 40 different languages–so you can easily build with Plaid no matter the language you use.

We will continue to officially support 5 client libraries in Ruby, Node, Python,  Java, and Go, which are now also built via the OpenAPI. These client libraries, as well as the ones you auto-generate with the OpenAPI,  will all automatically support new features we release.

Getting started

Check out our 5 client libraries in Ruby, Node, Python, Java, and Go (coming soon), or auto-generate your own using the Plaid OpenAPI repo on GitHub. 

If you’d like to get your library featured on the Community Libraries page to share with other developers, open an issue on GitHub, or tweet us @PlaidDev!