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January 16, 2020

Optimize for more user conversions with Plaid Link configurations

Chase Farmer & Bhargavi Kamakshivalli

Updated on December 11, 2020

Optimizing Plaid Link for your users is crucial to their onboarding experience and engagement with your app. Today, we are giving you a new way to make that flow even better–by introducing the ability to create multiple configurations of Link for your app.

Easily customize the account sign-in flow based on your user’s location, the language they speak, features they’re using, and more. Help improve conversion by creating a custom flow that is more relevant for them.

Get started with Link configurations

Access the Customize menu in the Dashboard to create and save new configurations. You can change the institution select pane, color, language, and specific text fields to fit your brand or user preferences.

Use the linkCustomizeName parameter in your initialization code to point to a specific configuration.

1linkCustomizationName: 'config_auth_EN';

Here are some ways you can use this new feature:

  • A/B test text or background color

  • Localize Link based on a user’s primary language

  • Show regional institutions based on where the user lives

  • Show specific institution types, such as student loan servicers or brokerages

Stay tuned as we develop and release more tools that can be used to create better experiences for your users. In the meantime, we welcome any feedback on these latest improvements. Reach out to us via the Dashboard or Twitter.