June 05, 2017

May Changelog

Baker Shogry

Updated on November 21, 2018

We’re excited to introduce the Plaid Changelog! This is the inaugural post in a

new series we’re publishing that will highlight new products, features, and

upgrades we launch each month to keep you up to date on all Plaid happenings.

We’ve also written retroactive Changelogs for April

and March. It’s been a busy few months at Plaid—take

a look back at these posts to see what we’ve been up to!


At the start of this year, we committed to providing the best possible bank

coverage in terms of quality, availability, and breadth. We’re excited to share

the progress we’ve made towards that goal to date.

Expanded Auth coverage

This month, we added over 900 new institutions on our Auth endpoint, including

Fifth Third, M&T, Ally, Simple, and Golden1. As of this post, we now support

Auth for over 1,500 institutions, a significant increase from only ~60 in



We launched big design upgrades for Plaid Link

this month. Link on the desktop now has the same look and feel that came to mobile

in October and iOS in March. We also

introduced device-specific styling—such as native fonts, user interface

patterns, and navigation cues— on iOS and Android to make Link feel as native

and natural as possible.