September 28, 2017

New analytics and customization features for Link

Nathan Kot

Updated on December 11, 2020

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to make Link even more powerful and flexible for developers, starting with customizable copy. We’re excited to share that today we’re releasing new Link features with that goal in mind:

  • Analytics: Use the new onEvent callback to follow your users’ paths through the Link flow

  • Multi-account select: Let your users pick multiple accounts to connect to your app

  • Overlay customization: Blend Link into your app more seamlessly by controlling the color and opacity of Link’s overlay on Desktop


To date, Link has been somewhat of a black box. The onSuccess callback is called when a user completes the flow and onExit is called when a user fails to find his or her institution or encounters an error. So, you know when your user enters and exits Link, but not what happens in between.

The new onEvent callback fills that gap, giving you real-time information on end-user actions as they move through Link. The callback is completely client-side, so it’s easy to start piping data from Link into your existing analytics platform.

onEvent is called for most distinct actions that your user takes in Link, like when they search for and select an institution, encounter MFA or errors, or successfully connect. Events also include helpful metadata like request IDs, error codes, and institution information.

Tracking what happens to your users during the Link flow can help you provide transitions after users exit. If users encountered an error or couldn’t find their bank, onEvent data will provide the right information to get more efficient help from Support.

The onEvent callback is live now! Check out details in the docs.

Multi-account select

Tracking users’ transactions or balances across more than one account? Now users can select multiple accounts to add to your app from Link’s SelectAccount view. Configure the SelectAccount view and check out the docs straight from the Dashboard.

Overlay customization

Finally, we’ve heard your feedback and are now offering the ability to fully customize the background overlay of Link on Desktop to ensure it’s consistent with the rest of your app. You can make adjustments to the color and opacity from the Dashboard. These customization capabilities are another step toward making Link fit seamlessly into your existing experience no matter what environment your users are in.

We hope that with these new features you’ll enjoy more visibility into and control over your users’ experiences with Link. No integration changes are required to take advantage of these updates—check them out today!