August 03, 2017

July Changelog

Baker Shogry

Updated on November 21, 2018

Welcome back to the Plaid Changelog! The Changelog is your go-to place to get the latest on the products, features, and upgrades we launch each month.

Curious what we were up to last month? Check out the June Changelog.


Over the past month, we’ve continued upgrading integrations across the board. At the larger end of the spectrum, KeyBank and Union Bank each now support all products and have longer transaction histories and faster account linkages. For our hometown crowd, check out full product support for SF Fire Credit Union.

Ever wonder how many financial institutions there actually are in the U.S.? Take a look at our blog post on the topic to learn more about what the bank and credit union landscape looks like today.


This month, we kicked off the first in a series of new features that will give you more flexibility to make Link work with your existing experience. We introduced customizable copy in Link, which means you can now directly edit copy for the successful connection, reconnection, institution select, and institution search views for both Link web and Link iOS. Head to your Dashboard to give it a try!


You might remember last month we mentioned that we’re working on enhancing our Support experience. As one of our first steps towards that goal, we’ve improved the webforms in the Support Center in the Plaid Dashboard. Each support category now has a custom webform designed specifically for that issue type. For financial institutions and data issues, we now request you submit the specific API identifiers that will help our Product Support team investigate your issue in a more helpful and efficient way. We’d love to hear your feedback on these new forms, so feel free to reach out with any thoughts.