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July 23, 2020

Introducing Link tokens and Link event logs

Pritee Tembhekar

Updated on July 23, 2020

We’re consistently working to strengthen the infrastructure and security of our ecosystem. Today, we’re releasing two updates to Link–Link tokens and Link event logs–to improve your experience building on Plaid.

Initialize Link with a new token

Link tokens provide a new, more secure way to integrate with Plaid, and will become the default method of initializing Link for new integrations going forward.

Each time a user connects to their financial institution, a unique token will be generated using the new /link/token/create endpoint. This token will then be passed to your app’s client to open Link, replacing the use of a static public_key. As a part of this change, we’ll also be moving certain Link configurations, such as 'products' and 'language', to this new token endpoint. You can learn more in the docs.

New Link events in the Dashboard

We’re also launching new event logs that make it easier for you to view Link events. These logs will allow you to see data—such as successful Link sessions, flows exited, and errors encountered—right in the Dashboard.

Link event logs will be available for all Link sessions created with Link tokens. Upon upgrading your app to Link tokens, head over to the Logs page in the Dashboard to view Link events.

Building in the future

Starting today, all new Plaid implementations will automatically benefit from Link tokens. For existing developers, we’ve put together a migration guide to walk you through the steps required to use Link tokens. While this is not a breaking change, future updates will be built on Link tokens, so we encourage you to upgrade now.

In the meantime, stay on the lookout as we release additional improvements to Link in the coming months.