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January 24, 2023

Our commitment to continually enhancing consumer transparency

Sheila Jambekar

Plaid is built on the principle that people have a right to control their financial information–they should get to decide where, how, and with whom it’s shared. That’s why we're proud to champion Data Privacy Week, an annual campaign to educate individuals and businesses about the importance of online privacy. Beyond advocacy, we’re also proud to lead the industry in building practical tools that facilitate giving consumers meaningful insight into and control over the data they share when connecting their financial accounts to an app or service.

Introducing Data Transparency Messaging (DTM) 

Data Transparency Messaging (DTM) is a beta feature in Link that gives people a new way of understanding the information needed to power an app or service that they want to use.  

Link enables people to grant their permission, securely connect their financial accounts to an app, and share the information needed to power it. With DTM, it’s now easier to see what type of information an app is requesting, such as transaction history to help create a budget or most recent balance to ensure sufficient funds to move money.

 Why DTM Matters

Empowering people with timely and clear information helps them to make the right choices for them and their financial lives. Because Plaid is already a connecting layer between consumers, their banks, and the apps they want to use–we are uniquely positioned to set new standards related to how people understand the data they are sharing and how to control where and how it's shared.

As one of our customers that specializes in payments put it: “[We] understand why Plaid is doing this and are aligned that this is the right thing for consumers.  We also really like the new ability to customize the messaging [in DTM] and explain ‘why we’re requesting this data.’”

DTM adds additional information to the Link flow without any additional steps. This makes it easier for users to see what data is being requested and why. Please note that designs are subject to change.

How We’re Building DTM

 We strive to continuously help consumers better understand their experience connecting accounts with Plaid. As such, we’re proud to make DTM broadly available for implementation in the coming months, with 100% of Plaid's customers expected to have it live in 2024. 

Are you a customer that wants to partner with Plaid on privacy features? 

We're actively looking for privacy forward customers to test DTM to help inform our roadmap. We encourage you to speak to your Account Manager about piloting this feature.