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April 17, 2019

Greater transparency for institution, Item, and system status

Michael Kelly & Matt O'Hagan

Updated on October 21, 2020

Today we’re releasing new Dashboard and API functionality to provide real-time status across bank integrations and Plaid systems.

Institution and Item status

We want to give you the right tools to deliver a great user experience at all times. With institution and Item status, you can now get real-time insights on Plaid’s bank integrations to help you debug user issues. You can also use this data programmatically, whether it’s to enable richer messaging in your app or as an input into your analytics infrastructure.

Institution status

Information available for an institution includes its overall status, a detailed breakdown of its performance, and the date of its last status change. You can easily check the status of any institution in the Dashboard for quick debugging, or use the /institutions/get_by_id endpoint programmatically.

Item status

Information available for an Item includes recent transactions updates, the last webhook fired, and more granular error code information for Items that require attention. Similar to Institution status, you can look up an Item's status in the Dashboard using its item_id or access_token, or access the information programmatically using the /item/get endpoint.

System status

Also launching is an entirely new system status page, displaying the uptime of our three API environments. System status is currently in beta as we work through the transition from the existing page.

Together, we think these changes will help you get honest and accurate answers for your users more quickly.