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October 22, 2018

Safe, convenient, and reliable data access for consumers

Sima Gandhi

Ten years ago, the first wave of fintech companies sowed the seeds for dramatic change by offering technology-led, user-centric, digitally-optimized experiences. Since then, consumers have widely adopted fintech applications, enhancing their financial experiences and increasing the tools available to improve their financial lives. Today, hundreds of millions of consumers around the world rely on fintech in their daily lives.

We believe that continued growth of the fintech ecosystem requires rock-solid security, an excellent experience and 24/7 reliability. To that end, we’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with JPMorgan Chase for secure data access for the apps and services we support. We will use Chase’s application programming interface (API) to enable us to support Chase account holders in sharing their financial data with their favorite fintech applications in a safe, convenient, and reliable way.

For fintech to work–and work well–consumers need the ability to easily and safely use their digital financial information, and developers need high quality data with which to build new products and services. Through our work with Chase, consumers will have enhanced controls when authenticating and permissioning their data, while preserving convenient access to their financial data. At the same time, developers will be able to work with more secure, consistent and reliable data access.

We believe this agreement underscores the need for secure and reliable data in the fintech ecosystem. As the largest financial data platform for developers, we share millions of mutual users with Chase. As a result, any changes we undertake with Chase can help steer the broader fintech ecosystem. That’s why we’ve worked so hard at Plaid to help customers manage their data, secure the ecosystem, enhance user experiences, and provide developers the flexibility to innovate. We are laying the responsible foundation for more sustainable growth in fintech.

We believe that fintech will grow and change as much over the next ten years as it has during the past decade. Throughout this change, Plaid will remain focused on delivering the best platform for developers to build great financial experiences with consumer-permissioned financial data. We firmly believe that collaboration with financial institutions is the best way to deliver on the promise to protect consumers and developers. We’re proud of the steps we are taking with Chase towards this reality.