Changelog - August 2020 banner


September 01, 2020

Changelog - August 2020

Baker Shogry

Updated on September 01, 2020

Highlights from what we've been working on over the past month:

Improved error messaging in Link: We updated error messages to provide more actionable instructions for end users, making resolution troubleshooting easier.

Comprehensive account type/subtype filtering in Link: We made account filtering available across all our products, so you can configure the Link flow to guide end users in selecting relevant institutions and accounts.

Recurring payments (UK): We introduced standing orders to Payment Initiation. Your users can now make recurring scheduled payments with just one authorization. Standing orders are great for repeating payments including subscriptions, like gym memberships or streaming platforms, rent payments, utilities, and more.

Link SDKs: We released new updates to our SDK on iOS (v1.1.35), which include bug fixes.