The Fintech Effect: Fintech’s Mass Adoption Moment

Can you feel it? Fintech has now reached mass adoption–with 88% of U.S. consumers now using digital apps and services to manage their finances. Download Plaid’s latest report and get the latest insights and expert analysis on fintech’s groundbreaking year.

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88% of U.S. consumers now use fintech apps and services


73% of fintech users say “technology helps me make smarter financial decisions”


76% of consumers said “when choosing a bank, the ability to connect my accounts to apps and services is a top priority”

About the report

Between 2020 and 2021, the proportion of U.S. consumers using fintech grew from 58% to 88% – representing a 52% increase year-over-year. Similar adoption leaps took the refrigerator twenty years, the computer ten and the smartphone five.

With mass adoption reached, nearly every consumer has experienced fintech. But with no single use case surpassing 70% penetration, fintech still has tremendous room to grow. Download Plaid’s latest report and get groundbreaking new insights into the future of financial services, including:

  • How fintech usage grew across genders, generations, and ethnicities 
  • What financial institutions can do to win the battle for more consumers
  • How Americans plan to use fintech beyond just saving time and money
  • What fintech apps and services saw the biggest increase in adoption 

Download the report today and join the fintech effect.

Across all use cases, between 80-90% of fintech users plan to keep using fintech beyond the pandemic.
The Fintech Effect