The Space Between:

The growing convergence between traditional asset managers and robo-advisors

Find out how robo-advisors and financial institutions can work together to create the next generation of digital wealth solutions.

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Millennials and Gen X are expected to receive $68 trillion in wealth transfer over the next two decades.

About the Whitepaper

Robo-advisor assets under management are on track to reach $1.2 trillion by 2024. Meanwhile, 84% of Americans say they still prefer working with a human financial advisor. But the future isn’t about choosing one path over the other–it’s about leveraging the best of both to create a world-class wealth management experience for future generations. 

The Tearsheet Whitepaper explores how both traditional and upstart firms can create a hybrid model to win over the next generation of investors. 

Download the whitepaper and learn how to: 

  • Win over younger investors as they build wealth   
  • Implement robo-investing and seamless digital experiences 
  • Get access to new market segments and revenue streams 
  • Grow your assets under management