Residential leasing companies struggle to fill vacancies quickly due to the amount of manual work and time it takes to verify prospective residents’ identities and income. Applying for a lease is also a cumbersome experience for most prospective residents, as it takes time to gather the required supporting documentation.

Plaid helps residential leasing companies reduce fraud and make fast screening decisions through instant income and identity verification, a seamless user experience, and automated account verification for payments.

The average time it takes to manually verify someone's income is five days. With Plaid, it takes just a couple of seconds.
Hameto Benkreira, Head of Member Growth Product, PadSplit

Plaid across the residential leasing journey

Verify residents’ identities without adding user friction

Identity Verification is the lowest friction identity verification experience for potential residents for tours and rental applications. It handles all forms of verification methods - from authoritative data source and documentary to liveness checks.

Build a simple and fast decisioning workflow

Income helps you verify anyone's income and employment with the most comprehensive, all-in-one product suite (Payroll, Bank, and Document Income).

Connect and verify accounts for payment operations

Auth instantly authenticates bank accounts for application fees, deposit fees, and rent payments so you can set up ACH payments from any bank and credit union in the US.

Balance instantly checks whether residents have enough funds for recurring rent payments, protecting against overdraft and NSF fees.

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