Navigating Nacha's Operating Rules — is your business compliant?

An update on the 2022 Nacha Operating Rules

The volume of online ACH payments is large and growing, making them an essential part of your business. That means compliance with Nacha and its Operating Rules—updated regularly—is also critical.

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“Staying current with Nacha’s continually evolving rules and guidelines can require time and resources that would be better directed towards growing your business.”
-Navigating Nacha's Operating Rules report

About the report:

Compliance is a critical aspect for any business that originates ACH transactions. In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is Nacha
  • How the Nacha Operating Rules work
  • What the penalties are for violations
  • How to stay compliant

Plaid is part of a select group of innovators that contribute to Nacha’s strategic efforts in support of the payments ecosystem by removing friction, increasing ease, improving cash flow accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments.