Cash flow data is going mainstream

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Hear what 400 lending professionals and 2,000 borrowers have to say about the next era of lending

Credit scores aren’t the full story, and cash flow data could be the missing puzzle piece. But is the industry ready to change the way things have always been done? Download the guide to find out:

  • How lenders are approaching new data sources 

  • What consumers are comfortable sharing with lenders

  • How lenders and applicants can both win


of lenders are open to using more types of data, most of which are cash flow related.


of personal loan/mortgage applicants are willing to share bank data with lenders.


of borrowers would share bank account information with lenders if it meant securing lower rates.

More than ever in this challenging macroeconomic environment, having real-time cash flow data can meaningfully change the trajectory of a loan-decisioning outcome.
Plaid lending report: Cash flow data is going mainstream