2022 fintech predictions with Zach Perret

October 14th, 2022 | 9:00AM PST

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2021 was a breakout year for fintech. We’ve seen fintech move from the corner of the financial system to its center, with a growing user base across all demographics. We’re also seeing more entrepreneurs than ever eager to find solutions to make financial services more accessible in use cases like lending, payments and personal financial management.

Today, more than 9 in 10 Americans use some form of fintech to manage their finances, representing a 30% growth from 2020. We’re at an exciting inflection point and there’s so much more that fintech can unlock for consumers in the years to come.

Tune in for our first Tech Talk of the year featuring Zach Perret, Co-founder and CEO, Ginger Baker, Head of Financial Access and John Pitts, Head of Policy to discuss some of the biggest trends of 2021 and predictions for 2022.