Benefits of streamlining your onboarding stack

We worked with Celent to find out how fintechs and digital banks can win more valuable customers and reduce fraud with Plaid.

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Celent Solutions onboarding report
“Digital banks and other fintechs that already know Plaid now have the option to expand the scope of engagement and reap the benefits of a tightly integrated solution from a single provider.”
Zil Bareisis, Celent

About the report

A customer account — whether at a fintech or a bank — opened without appropriate controls is dangerous, while an inactive one is worthless. A full stack onboarding solution that not only supports smooth and secure account opening, but also helps customers activate and start using those accounts is essential to acquire more users and prevent fraud.

In this Celent Solutions Brief, learn the four main benefits of streamlined onboarding with Plaid:

  • Better end-user experiences
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Streamlined back-end processes
  • Stronger fraud prevention