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September 29, 2020

Chime helps make money management easy

Catherine Bakewell

Last year, Americans paid more than 33 billion dollars in overdraft fees. These and other bank fees chip away at savings and can be stressful for people without a lot of slack in their financial lives.

Chime is a technology company that believes banking should be helpful and easy. They facilitate access to banking services through their bank partners, The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank.

“Our mission is to help our members achieve peace of mind with their money,” said Zach Smith, Senior Vice President of Product at Chime.

Millions of people have already signed up for a Chime account, and that number is growing every day. According to Smith, a seamless digital onboarding experience and the ability to link an outside bank account have been important to the company’s success.

To accomplish those related goals, Chime turned to Plaid.