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August 31, 2020

Atom Finance makes sophisticated investing resources accessible

Adams Conrad

Updated on December 09, 2020

More than 50 million US households are invested in the stock market, but there are surprisingly few professional tools to help them invest with confidence.

This is partly due to the influx of user-friendly, no-fee trading apps that make
opening and using a brokerage account easy, even for casual investors. The
problem is that there has been little innovation when it comes to helping the
average American gather the information they need to invest with confidence.

Atom Finance, a New York-based investment startup, is working to fill that need.
The company has developed a suite of products and features for investment
research, including the ability to aggregate and track multiple investment
accounts in one place. Content and notifications are customized to the user’s
holdings, while portfolio analytics provide big-picture insights that the user
couldn’t get anywhere else.

“We’re helping our users make informed investing decisions by providing access
to institutional-grade tools and resources.” said Ray Yang, the company’s Growth

To benefit from Atom’s services, users must first create a portfolio or watchlist
on the platform. That’s where Plaid comes in.