Balancing short-term needs with long-term financial wellness

The Fintech Effect 2022 for wealth managers

Many consumers are focused on short-term needs and 95% are experiencing some degree of financial stress. To help consumers achieve financial wellness, wealth managers will first have to help them meet these needs and bridge their knowledge gaps.

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Of consumers say accessing their finances from anywhere has helped them navigate a challenging economy


Of consumers use payment services, making them the most widely adopted fintech tool


Of consumers crave more financial knowledge, with topics like spending and saving topping the list

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What financial topics consumers want to learn about the most — saving, investing, and more

How different fintech tools meet consumer needs based on their financial situations

Why open finance is increasingly important for asset managers to share effective advice 

Asset managers have an opportunity to help consumers meet short-term needs and educate them about foundational financial topics like spending and saving.