We give Plaids the freedom and flexibility to choose where they work - whether that is in a Plaid office, at home in any supported location, or a mix of both! For those who choose to work onsite and for Plaids on teams like our fabulous workplace experience and tech ops teams who need to work out of our offices, we have created great workspaces and opportunities to connect with other in-person Plaids.


(Pl)emote First does not mean remote-only. Connection and collaboration matter a lot to us and we create meaningful opportunities to do both through great remote and in-person experiences across all of our teams.  Whether you choose to work in one of our offices or are onsite for an event or a special activity (like game night!), we make sure you’re well fed and cared for.


Building a strong community is about much more than where you work. From our many Slack channels and our All Hands to our ERGs and learning and development opportunities, we make participating easy wherever you choose to work. 

Plaid People

Talent is not just in the cities where Plaid has its offices. It is really special that Plaid recognizes that talent exists everywhere. Being remote also brings a lot more diversity to our team in terms of what our engineers see every day.

Plaid People

Being in the office with the team is really special! I have chosen to work from our offices now that they have opened up again and it has made a huge difference for me. I definitely have that little buzz again of feeling a connection to everyone.