Product Features
Protect against returns

Plaid assumes the liability for guaranteed transactions thus reducing the impact of returns on your business.

Real-time response

Guarantee provides a real-time transaction response to let you know if it’s guaranteed.

Over 1,000 signals

Guarantee is powered by Signal and analyzes over 1,000 risk factors to determine the likelihood of transaction returns.

Know with certainty if a transaction is guaranteed

Guarantee decisions are returned via Transfer Authorizations so you don’t have to implement a separate API. See if transactions are guaranteed so you can release products and services to your users instantly.

Analysis based on four categories of insights
Plaid connection history

The account’s connection history across the Plaid network, which includes over 11,000 institutions and 5,000 applications.

Account usage

Insights based on the account’s transaction history and balance usage.

Past ACH events

Past ACH events such as insufficient funds, overdrafts, and potential unauthorized returns.

Identity changes

Insights into recent changes to the identity data associated with the account.

Consumer permissioned data

Guarantee is powered by Plaid’s consumer-permissioned data network. We only share personal information with the consumer’s consent. And we never sell or rent it to outside companies.

Getting started with ACH and interested in joining the Guarantee Beta?

    Guarantee is currently in beta with limited availability. You can express interest in joining the Beta Program via this form. Please note that submission does not guarantee access to Guarantee, which is contingent upon satisfying certain eligibility requirements. A member of the Plaid team will review your information and contact you if they determine that you are eligible for the Beta Program. Thank you for your interest.

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