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Instant account funding

Users can quickly switch their direct deposits to a new or existing bank account simply by linking their payroll account via Plaid Link. Plaid automatically updates the payroll settings within seconds.

Optimized for conversion

When instant account funding is unavailable, users can ask Plaid to contact their employer on their behalf to switch their direct deposits. Plaid has partnered with a trusted third party to make the experience seamless.

Support for payroll and gig platforms

Instant account funding is available to users with an account from the largest payroll providers to gig economy platforms including ADP, Paycor, Zenefits, DoorDash, Postmates, and more.


Make a Deposit Switch

Use the Deposit Switch [beta] endpoint to submit a POST request.

The /deposit_switch/create endpoint enables you to begin the instant process of switching a user’s direct deposit to their bank account at your institution.

  1. Embed Plaid in your onboarding flow to fund accounts via direct deposits.
  2. Users make a request to fund their account.
  3. Securely send Plaid the account and routing number for the bank account that will receive the direct deposits, and some additional details about the user receiving the direct deposits.
  4. Initialize a Deposit Switch through the /deposit_switch/create endpoint.
  5. Users link their payroll account and confirm their direct deposit switch. For users with an ADP account, they can sign in using a one-time password for easier, faster, and more secure account switching.
  6. Success! Payroll account settings are updated automatically.

Easiest way to switch direct deposits

For faster account connectivity, users can search by their employer in Link and Plaid will automatically match them to the payroll platform used by the employer.

Additionally, users can choose to move all or a portion of their paycheck to the new account for flexible account funding.

Select your payroll provider

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    Deposit Switch is currently in beta, but you can express interest in receiving an early access invitation. Please note that an expression of interest does not guarantee access to the product. A member of the Plaid team will review your information and determine if the product is a good fit.