The Fintech Spotlight

In this quarterly report, we provide insights and analysis on trends across the fintech ecosystem.

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66% of consumers see credit card rewards as a means to buy necessities

The embedded finance market is projected to grow by 922% between 2020 and 2025

$68 trillion in wealth is expected to be transferred to Gen X and Millennials by around 2040

Our latest report is divided into six sections:

  1. Personal financial management: The next frontier of rewards

  2. Wealth: Blending traditional wealth management and robo-advisors

  3. Lending & Advance access to funds: Targeting consumer needs

  4. Consumer payments: Educating consumers on ACH payments

  5. Business financial management: Untapped opportunities among SMEs

  6. Banking: A future in embedded finance

“More and more, rewards are being treated as a financial asset rather than a bonus. A substantial opportunity remains to develop a real-time scenario in which rewards arrive instantly with every swipe, customized to each user’s unique data.”
- The Fintech Spotlight