Token endpoints

API reference for obtaining and managing tokens from Link

Token exchange flow

Most API calls to Plaid endpoints require an access_token. An access_token provides access to a specific Item, which is a Plaid term for a login at a financial institution.

The primary flow for obtaining a Plaid access_token works as follows:

  1. Obtain a link_token by calling /link/token/create.
  2. Initialize Link by passing in the link_token. When your user completes the Link flow, Link will pass back a public_token. For more information on initializing and receiving data back from Link, see the Link documentation.
  3. Exchange the public_token for an access_token by calling /item/public_token/exchange.

The access_token can then be used to call Plaid endpoints and obtain information about an Item.

In addition to the primary flow, several other token flows exist. The Link update mode flow allows you to update an access_token that has stopped working. The Sandbox testing environment also offers the /sandbox/public_token/create endpoint, which allows you to create a public_token without using Link.

Token endpoints