Processor endpoints

API reference for endpoints for use with or by Plaid partners

Processor token endpoints

Processor token endpoints are used to create tokens that are then sent to a Plaid partner for use in a Plaid integration. For a full list of integrations, see the developer dashboard. For specific information on Auth integrations, see Auth payment partners.

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/processor/token/createCreate a processor token
/processor/stripe/bank_account_token/createCreate a bank account token for use with Stripe



Partner endpoints

Partner endpoints are used by Plaid partners to integrate with Plaid. Instead of using an access_token associated with a Plaid Item, these endpoints use a processor_token to identify a single financial account. These endpoints are used only by partners and not by developers who are using those partners' APIs. If you are a Plaid developer who would like to learn how to move money with one of our partners, see Move money with Auth.

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/processor/auth/getFetch Auth data
/processor/balance/getFetch Balance data
/processor/identity/getFetch Identity data