A comprehensive breakdown of all Plaid client and server-side errors

Errors overview

Error types are listed below; click through for details on errors associated with each type.

Error typeDescription
API_ERROROccurs during planned maintenance and in response to API errors.
ASSET_REPORT_ERROROccurs for errors related to Asset Report endpoints.
BANK_TRANSFER_ERROROccurs for errors related to Bank Transfers endpoints.
INSTITUTION_ERROROccurs when there are errors for the requested financial institution.
INVALID_INPUTOccurs when all fields are provided, but the values provided are incorrect in some way.
INVALID_REQUESTOccurs when a request is malformed and cannot be processed.
INVALID_RESULTOccurs when a request is valid, but the output would be unusable for any supported flow.
ITEM_ERROROccurs when an Item may be invalid or not supported on Plaid's platform.
OAUTH_ERROROccurs when there is an error in OAuth authentication, used primarily by European institutions.
PAYMENT_ERROROccurs when there is an error while making a payment.
RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDOccurs when an excessive number of requests are made in a short period of time.
RECAPTCHA_ERROROccurs when a Recaptcha challenge has been presented or failed during the link process.
SANDBOX_ERROROccurs when invalid parameters are supplied in the Sandbox environment.
(Link client errors)Occurs when the error is specific to Link on the web platform .

Error schema