A comprehensive breakdown of all Plaid client and server-side errors

Errors overview

Item errors
Occur when an Item may be invalid or not supported on Plaid's platform.
INVALID_MFA Selections
ITEM_NO_ERROR or item-no-error
NO_AUTH_ACCOUNTS or no-depository-accounts
Institution errors
Occur when there are errors for the requested financial institution.
API errors
Occur during planned maintenance and in response to API errors.
INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR or plaid-internal-error
Assets errors
Occur for errors related to Asset endpoints.
Payment errors
Occur for errors related to Payment Initiation endpoints.
Bank Transfers errors
Occur for errors related to Bank Transfers endpoints.
Deposit Switch errors
Occur for errors related to Deposit Switch endpoints.
Sandbox errors
Occur when invalid parameters are supplied in the Sandbox environment.
Invalid Request errors
Occur when a request is malformed and cannot be processed.
Invalid Input errors
Occur when all fields are provided, but the values provided are incorrect in some way.
Invalid Result errors
Occur when a request is valid, but the output would be unusable for any supported flow.
Rate Limit Exceeded errors
Occur when an excessive number of requests are made in a short period of time.
Link Web errors
Occur when the error is specific to Link on the web platform.
ReCAPTCHA errors
Occur when a Recaptcha challenge has been presented or failed during the link process.
OAuth errors
Occur when there is an error in OAuth authentication, used primarily by European institutions.

Error schema