Plaid billing

Learn about pricing, what is considered a billable event, and how to monitor your bill

Pricing plans

Plaid offers two types of pricing plans:

  • Pay as you go – has no minimum spend.
  • Scale – minimum spend (typically $500/month) but lower per-use costs. Minimums can apply across the entire Plaid account or by product.

Pricing information

To view the exact pricing you may be eligible for, apply for Production access. Pricing information for pay-as-you-go plans will be displayed on the last page before you submit your access request. For exact pricing details for scale plans, select the scale pricing option on the last page, and Sales will get in touch to inform you what volume discounts you may be eligible for. Or, you can contact Sales via the contact form.

Pricing models

Plaid has four different pricing models, depending on the product. These models only apply to Production traffic; usage of Sandbox and Development environments is always free.

Note that the details outlined below are general information and guidance about typical pricing structures and policies. Your specific pricing and billing structure is governed by your agreement with Plaid. If you have questions about your bill, contact Support.

One-time fee

You will incur charges for one-time fee products whenever an Item is initialized with that product. This occurs when an Item has been successfully created by Link and this product was included in Link's product array. An Item is considered successfully created if an access_token was generated. If the Item was not initialized with the product at the time of creation, it can also be initialized later by calling a product endpoint belonging to that product on the Item.

For one-time fee products, it does not matter how many API calls are made for the Item; the cost is the same regardless of whether the product's endpoints are called many times or zero times.

Products that use one-time fee pricing are: Auth, Assets, and Identity.

Subscription fee

The subscription fee model is similar to the one-time fee model, except that the Item will incur a monthly subscription fee as long as it exists, even if API calls cannot be successfully made for the Item. Removing the Item will end the subscription. Once an Item has been initialized with a subscription fee product, it is not possible to end the subscription without removing the Item via /item/remove. Plaid's subscription cycle is based on calendar months in the UTC time zone; each month begins a new cycle. Fees for Items created or removed in the middle of the month are not pro-rated.

Products that use subscription fee pricing are: Transactions (except for the /transactions/refresh endpoint), Liabilities, and Investments.

Per-request flat fee

For per-request flat fee products, a flat fee is charged for each API call to that product endpoint.

Products that use per-request flat fee pricing are: Balance, /transactions/refresh.

Per-payment initiation fee

For per-payment initiation fee products, a fee is charged for each payment initiated with the product. A payment is considered initiated if the end user reached the end of the payment initiation flow and received a confirmation success screen. Standing orders (recurring payments) are considered a single payment but are billed on a separate pricing schedule from one-time payments.

Products that use per-payment initiation fee pricing are: Payment Initiation (UK and Europe).

Partnerships pricing

If you are using a Plaid partner, you will be charged for Plaid API usage performed by the partner using your processor token in the same way as if the calls had been made by you. If you have questions about the partner's API activity, contact the Plaid partner.

Viewing billable activity

To view billable activity for your account, see the Usage page on the developer dashboard.

Updating payment information

Pay as you go customers can update payment method and billing contact information on the developer dashboard. Scale customers should contact their account manager to update this information.

Updating products or pricing

To add or remove products from your Plaid account, or to switch between Scale or Pay-as-you-go pricing plans, contact Support or your Plaid Account Manager.