Plaid teams

Learn about Plaid teams

Your Plaid dashboard account can create or join multiple teams to enable collaboration across different teams or companies.

You can be a member of multiple Plaid teams, each with their own API keys and billing information.

Creating a team

At the top-left of your Plaid Dashboard, click the team name drop-down and select Create new team.

Once you have submitted your team name and purpose into the form, click Create team. Your new team will come with a fresh set of API keys which can be used to build a new Plaid integration.

Managing your team membership

You can create a new team, view your existing teams, and leave a team from the Teams menu, found at the top-right of your Plaid Dashboard:

Team-specific settings

Click the Team Settings drop-down in your Plaid Dashboard to view your team information, API keys, API version, team members, and third-party integrations:

Managing team member permissions

From the Team Settings menu, you can also add and remove team members, as long as you have the Team management permission. You can assign specific permissions to each team member that you add to your Plaid account.

Users with the Support permission have view access to the Activity menus (Usage, Status, Logs and Payments), and the Support tab for filing support tickets.

Users with the Team management permission have access to the entire Developer Dashboard, including Plaid Link customization, API key management, and managing team membership.

You can also use this pane to control which development environments team members have access to. In order to view the team's public_key (if applicable) and client_id, team members must have access to at least one development environment.

Consolidating multiple accounts using teams

Teams prevent you from having to maintain multiple developer accounts. However, if you have already created multiple accounts, you can still consolidate them into a single account without having to create new keys or re-apply for access. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select an account to be the new primary account that will contain all the teams.

  2. From each account that you will be consolidating into the new primary account, invite the new primary account to the team.

  3. From each account that you will be consolidating into the new primary account, create a new empty team.

  4. From the new primary account, accept the invitations.

  5. From each account that you will be consolidating into the new primary account, leave the old team.

Your teams will now be consolidated under the new account.

Deleting a team

While you can leave teams, you cannot delete them, and you cannot leave a team if you are the last member in the team. In this case, please file a Deactivate my account support case if you wish to deactivate your team.