Lenders using Plaid

Lenders must gather holistic pictures of their applicants, but the process of assessing cash flow, affordability, and income creates considerable work for both the borrower and lender.

Plaid helps lenders gain a more comprehensive, real-time view of their borrower so they can make lending decisions faster with greater efficiency and peace of mind.

Why Plaid for Lending?
Get a comprehensive picture

Through purpose built lending flows, create a better view of a borrower for quicker and more accurate decisions.

Get started in a day

With no-code Plaid, create account link journeys without compromising on customisation.

Increase conversion

Design delightful user experiences with global and local leading bank coverage.

With Plaid, we’re able to deliver a streamlined customer experience and expand access to flexible financing amongst small-to-medium businesses that are typically under-served by traditional credit institutions. The real-time data from Plaid plays a crucial role in powering our automated underwriting and repayments process.
Andy Quach, Head of Commercial at YouLend
Plaid across the lending process

Verify applicants’ identities at loan application without adding friction

Seamlessly verify identities

Fight fraud and handle KYC requirements, including data sources, documentary, and liveness (selfie) through Identity Verification.

Manage AML compliance

Monitor helps you stay compliant with ongoing AML screening with fewer false-positives and manual reviews.

Comprehensive underwriting made fast and simple

Get real-time financial insights

Improve underwriting and affordability assessments with a flexible and real-time Credit Dashboard.

Verify income

Retrieve detailed income data from connected bank accounts enhanced by user validation, including a breakdown of income streams to the account.

Connect and verify accounts for loan disbursement and repayment

Seamless loan disbursements

Payouts enable you to make instant loan disbursements from within your product.

Simple, instant repayments

Streamline repayments and reduce friction using Payment Initiation. Or keep control and flexibility using VRP.

No-code Plaid

Generate seamless customer links for fast conversion. With no-code Plaid you can get set up in a day without compromising on customisation.

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