About VRP

Variable Recurring Payments (VRP) allow users to authenticate once, and then make future payments without the need for additional authentication. VRP is an extension of our payment solution that powers one-off or recurring transactions into bank accounts across a wide range of industries, from Fintech to eCommerce.

We offer this as a standalone services. But it works best with our Verification and Data solutions, and our full range of payment options including instant refunds.

VRP product features
User Friendly

End users have the option to enable or revoke VRP consent at any time

High Conversion

Plaids flow is built for conversion and allows users to make payments without the need to re-authenticate

Real-time settlement

No need to wait for funds to settle; Variable Recurring Payments settle instantly and in real-time

Reduce fraud

Strong customer authentication (SCA) is used directly with banks, reducing unauthorised consent

Reduce customer churn

Cards on file often expire, get lost or stolen. VRP solves this problem

Lower costs

Avoid hefty card processing fees, chargebacks and reversals

VRP Use cases

Automated financial goals

End users set financial goals, personal finance management applications then automatically transfer funds from other accounts to help end users reach those goals.

One click payments

End users authenticate once, then they can use VRP for one click payments that settle instantly. 

Smart repayments for loans, overdrafts or credit cards

VRPs can be used to help with overdrafts and loans. This will allow users to automatically pay off their outstanding overdraft in one account from another account with a positive balance.

Intelligent Savings

VRPs can encourage savings, whereby VRP helps to automatically move excess funds from one account to a high interest savings account.

What will you build with VRP?

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