Fintech Effect 2023

Plaid’s annual report on the most important consumer trends shaping digital finance

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What's inside?

Explore how more than 2,000 consumers use digital finance–and what they want next from fintechs

The digital finance landscape is constantly changing. To stay relevant, fintechs need to get ahead of the latest trends. With proprietary data from thousands of fintech consumers, this year’s Fintech Effect delivers the biggest insights on:  

  • The next wave of consumers: who they are, what keeps them up at night, and what they want from fintech apps

  • The latest usage trends: what apps consumers plan to use more of in 2024, and which ones they plan to leave behind

  • Where fintechs go from here: what the hard data says about the future of payments, credit, AI, crypto, and more


are open to switching from credit cards to pay by bank


say credit scores don't show their full financial picture


feel safer when an app asks them to verify their identity at sign-up

“Fintech solutions aren’t just digital alternatives to traditional finance tools—they’re transforming everything about how today’s consumers manage their money.”
The Fintech Effect 2023

Plaid x The Harris Poll

We partnered with global market research firm The Harris Poll to explore how today’s consumers are navigating the digital finance landscape and their financial lives at large.

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  • 2,000+ fintech consumers
  • 20+ qualitative interviews and digital diaries
  • Key populations and demographics