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Flexible integration options

Plaid Link is what users see when they connect with Plaid, enabling them to securely link their financial accounts to your app or service and initiate payments.

In the UK and EU, you can choose between our plug and play Link for PIS and AIS, and a fully customisable Modular Link for PIS-only. Whichever integration option fits your needs, we offer:

  • Connections to 11,000+ financial institutions: We provide a simple way for users to connect to financial institutions in the UK, EU, US, and Canada—saving you the cost of building and maintaining integrations in-house. 

  • Rich integration options: We offer a broad range of options, including native mobile, full-page redirection integrations optimised for desktop, mobile web, and mobile devices, as well as web software development kits (SDKs).

  • Open banking/PSD2 compliant: Plaid’s integrations are open banking and PSD2 compliant, delivering secure and reliable access to the UK and EU financial ecosystems

Link Features
Easy integration and configuration

Link easily embeds in your onboarding flow and messages, buttons, and colours can be modified to match your brand, creating a seamless user experience across your app. This means more time to focus on building your product—not integrating with ours.

Feature icon - Account filtering
Automatic institution list and account filtering

Financial institutions are automatically displayed based on user data, such as location. Account types and subtypes can be tailored to show only those relevant to your app.

Multi-country support
Multi-country support

By simply adding a country code to your initialisation, Link will automatically be localised to a new language and bank list.

Feature icon - Event logs
Error messaging and event logs

Actionable instructions help users successfully troubleshoot, while deeper user insights are displayed directly in the Dashboard.

(Desktop only) QR code authentication
(Desktop only) QR code authentication

Remove friction from the Plaid account linking desktop experience by seamlessly handing off a payment session from desktop to mobile via a QR code. Learn more.

Feature icon - Returning user experience
Context-aware transitions (coming soon)

Smooth iOS/Android/Web native transitions free of intermediary screens and redirections seamlessly guide your users through the account connection journey.

Modular Link Features
Customisable UX
Customisable UX

The UX is customisable so you can optimise your user journey without front-end integration complexities, such as app-to-app redirects.

Authenticate accounts, mitigate overdrafts and account takeover fraud, and move money with a single, easy-to-use integration
Easy integration and maintenance

Our SDKs and prebuilt iOS, Android, and Web UI modules are designed to make your integration easier.

Feature icon - Robust docs

If you have your own payment initiation license, Plaid offers a fully whitelabelled solution for full user-interface control. Under these circumstances, you and not Plaid would be providing PIS.

Plaid Link was easy to integrate within Paysend and offers the best in class UX with complete control. We built with Plaid’s SDKs and fully customised the UX to match our need of saving time and complexities for our customers.
Abhishek Tripathi, Group Head of B2C Product, Paysend

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