iGaming account funding and top ups

With Plaid players can make instant bank payments. Provide a safer gaming experience using Plaid’s Account Information and Verification products. Interested in speaking with someone from our team to learn more?

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How Plaid can help

With a competitive market and increasing compliance and regulations, iGaming companies need a streamlined method for players to fund and top up their accounts and make sure they’re providing a safe gaming environment. Plaid’s Payment Initiation enables users seamlessly to initiate payments to their gaming accounts instantly and at a low-cost.  Plaid’s Account Information and Verification products automate manual processes and verify users’ identities and bank accounts for KYC.

Instantly fund and top up accounts

Leverage U.K. Faster Payments rails for instant payments that settle to your GBP account in seconds, letting users play with funds faster

Reduce costs

Reduce hefty costs from cards and acquirers with fixed-fee Open Banking payments

Fight fraud

Users authenticate directly with their bank via secure Open Banking integrations, eliminating card and direct debit chargebacks

Verify payment status

Plaid’s settlement infrastructure makes reconciliation simple

Improve UX and increase conversion

Seamlessly initiate payments within your app or website with Plaid’s range of SDKs & integration options, improving your player experience and preventing drop-off from manual bank transfers

Offer flexible payment types

Enable users to initiate one-time top ups, or schedule standing orders for recurring deposits