Sandbox institutions

View institutions and institution test configurations available in the Sandbox

Institution details

All institutions that are available in our Development and Production environments are available in our Sandbox. There are several supported Sandbox-only institutions that are suitable to write integration tests against:

Institution nameID
First Platypus Bankins_109508
First Gingham Credit Unionins_109509
Tattersall Federal Credit Unionins_109510
Tartan Bankins_109511
Houndstooth Bankins_109512
Tartan-Dominion Bank of Canadains_43
Flexible Platypus Open Banking (UK Bank)ins_116834
Royal Bank of Plaid (UK Bank)ins_117650
Platypus OAuth Bank (for OAuth testing only)ins_127287
Flexible Platypus Open Banking (for OAuth QR code authentication testing)ins_117181

All Sandbox institutions can be accessed using the Sandbox test credentials.

Institution details for Auth testing

You can trigger specific Auth flows in the Sandbox environment by using the following values. For detailed instructions on testing Auth in the Sandbox, see Testing Auth in the Sandbox.

StepInstant MatchAutomated Micro-depositsSame-Day Micro-deposits
InstitutionHoundstooth BankHoundstooth BankN/A
AccountPlaid Saving (****1111)Plaid Checking (****0000)Checking or Savings
Routing number011401533 or 021000021011401533 or 021000021110000000
Account number111122223333111111112222333300001111222233330000
Micro-deposit #1N/AN/A $0.01
Micro-deposit #2N/AN/A $0.02
Wait before Sandbox verificationInstantAbout 24 hoursVerify interactively within minutes