Gamers expect a streamlined registration process, to play as soon as they’ve deposited funds, and to seamlessly withdraw their winnings. iGaming companies want to optimise player conversion while staying compliant.

With Payment Initiation and Payouts, players can seamlessly and securely initiate instant bank payments to deposit and withdraw funds. iGaming companies can also use Plaid’s Account Information products to streamline the registration process.

Payment Initiation

Payment Initiation is a fast and simple account funding solution for players and iGaming companies.


Payouts enables your users to seamlessly withdraw funds from their iGaming wallet to their bank account.


Use Identity and Auth to verify users’ identities and account numbers, speeding up KYC (Know Your Customer) processes and helping prevent fraud. 


Ensure your users are spending responsibly by using Transactions, Balances, and Assets to analyse users’ income, spending, and account balances

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