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Building the connections that make ACH easier

Plaid is an intelligent data layer that simplifies ACH authentication. With Plaid, end users can quickly and easily connect their bank accounts to facilitate payments. Plaid instantly verifies account ownership and checks balances in real-time to improve the ACH process from end-to-end.


Apps and services:

Use Plaid to authenticate accounts for ACH



Set up bank payments quickly and easily with Plaid


Financial institutions:

Hold accounts that users connect to pay via ACH

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Easier for users— and your team

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Plaid builds connections to banks so you can focus on your users

Plaid’s drop-in widget works within your application. Users simply enter their online bank credentials, and Plaid returns tokenized account and routing numbers and other data to authenticate the account.

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Here’s why it’s better

Plaid makes it faster and easier to set up ACH payments through a flow designed with user experience and security in mind. Users simply enter online credentials, and Plaid instantly authenticates the account—no microdeposits required.

Faster onboarding

Set up ACH payments with the info users know in their heads—no hunting for checkbooks or waiting around for microdeposits to post

lightning Users onboard in 10 to 15 seconds

Higher conversions

Users overwhelmingly prefer Plaid’s credential-based login instead of traditional account and routing linkage and microdeposits

lightning Plaid boosts conversions to 75%

Better balance visibility

Instantly check a user’s balance to time transactions and avoid NSF fees and overdrafts. Plus, make it easier to pre-fund accounts

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75% conversions using plaid

Plaid works with any ACH processor, and we also have a partnership with Stripe

Plaid has partnered with ACH processor Stripe to create the world’s first fully tokenized ACH to simplify bank-to-bank payments for everyone. With a simple integration using our suite of APIs, customers can authenticate accounts and move money over ACH without credentials or sensitive information ever hitting their servers.

Plaid lets you know when it’s safe to transfer and warns you if there are insufficient funds

NSF fees are hard on businesses and annoying for users. But according to Plaid partner studies, 85% of fees can be prevented by checking balances in real-time with Plaid—before it’s time to transfer funds—giving key insight into when to initiate ACH payments.

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Plaid helps charity: water power monthly donations

Credit card fees can add up—especially for nonprofits, where every dollar counts. That’s why charity: water uses Plaid. Plaid makes it easier for people to link their bank accounts for recurring ACH donations.

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