Signal is powered by the Plaid Network and includes insights based on over 1,000 risk factors to indicate the likelihood of a return. These factors include insights based on bank account usage and connection activity across Plaid's large and diverse network of more than 5,000 applications.

This breadth of collective data can be applied to ACH transactions to separate low risk from high, allowing you to release funds earlier and optimize your user experience - all without increasing your return risk.

Two risk scores

Two scores help you manage the risk of a transaction's return in a more calibrated way:

A “bank-initiated” score predicts the likelihood of returns initiated by financial institutions, such as insufficient funds (R01, R09) and administrative returns (R02, R03, R04), which usually have a return time frame of two banking days. These returns are the most prevalent.

A “customer-initiated” score predicts the likelihood of returns initiated by users, such as unauthorized returns (R10), which can have a return time frame of up to 60 calendar days. These returns are often caused by hard-to-predict fraudulent activities, and can lead to significantly higher financial costs.

Risk tiers and insights

Every risk score will be paired with a risk tier that can help you better understand the associated level of return risk. Transactions that fall into lower risk tiers, for example, can have funds accelerated with greater confidence.

Each score will also come with nearly 40 predictive insights spread across four categories. These insights will help provide even greater visibility into the factors contributing to a given score and tier.

Four categories of insights
Plaid connection history

The account’s connection history across the Plaid network, which includes over 11,000 institutions and 5,000 applications.

Account usage

Insights based on the account’s transaction history and balance usage.

Past ACH events

Past ACH events such as insufficient funds, overdrafts, and potential unauthorized returns.

Identity changes

Insights into recent changes to the identity data associated with the account.

Powered by consumer-permissioned data

Signal is powered by Plaid’s consumer-permissioned data network. We only share personal information with the consumer’s consent. And we never sell or rent it to outside companies.

Plaid Signal provides unique data for risk assessment so we can make smarter, faster decisions. Now, more Uphold users can trade instantly without having to wait the normal four-day settlement period for ACH deposits—a game changer.
Christopher Adjei-Ampofo, Chief Information Officer at Uphold

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