Bootcamp workshops

Resources from three days of workshops.

Your journey with FinRise will begin with our 3-day bootcamp, a series of workshops on 9 distinct topics that have been identified to address your current pain points and are most relevant to companies at your stage. These interactive workshops will be led by subject matter experts at Plaid, who continuously help Plaid grow in these domains.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the bootcamp, the workshops and related material for you to read through during the course of the FinRise program.

Pre-bootcamp survey

To make sure the workshops and its content is tailored to address some of your current pain points, we will be sending a pre-bootcamp survey. Designed by the workshop leads, this survey will include questions specific to each workshop to help the workshop leads better understand your current challenges, identify patterns and address as many of them during the course of the bootcamp.

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Workshop schedule

For 3 days starting April 13, 2021, the bootcamp will consist of 9 workshops, covering a wide range of topics as seen in the schedule below.

Each workshop will be 60-90 minutes long and is designed to be interactive. The content for all of this workshop content will be tailored based on the pre-bootcamp survey and provide a holistic overview of the topic as will be beneficial for companies at your stage. To make the most of the bootcamp experience, we encourage you to come prepared and be active participants during the workshop.

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2021 FinRise Bootcamp Workshop Schedule


Here is an overview of the 9 topics we have identified to be a part of the bootcamp. If you do not see a topic that you might be interested in, please reach out to

We understand that there is a lot of material that will get covered during these three days of workshops, so links to all workshop materials, including slide decks, recordings of presentations and workshop activity/reference material will be made available here so as to help you implement and check the content at your own time, after the bootcamp.

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Managing finances


While dealing with budgets and accounting might seem onerous and time consuming, it is often the most important and foundational aspect of how effectively your startup functions.

Often, providing best practices on how to distil your financial focus into a few key areas, including how to maximize the efficiency of your capital and avoid financial pitfalls can come in handy.

In this workshop, we will cover accounting 101 for startups, budgeting, pricing, billing & invoicing, and working with external auditors.

Getting started with information security

Shano Fonseka, Kyle Barry & Nitin Chauhan

For early-stage companies, the idea of protecting the business against downside risk can be awkward. This is the case because, as an early-stage company, the majority of your resources will be allocated up to maximize the upside from a product and GTM perspective. However, as your business grows, understanding and mitigating against downside risks, such as preventing a data security breach, will need to move up in your hierarchy of organizational needs.

In this workshop, we will cover some strategies for navigating these decisions, and more specifically, how to identify and manage information security risks for your growing business.

Navigating the regulatory landscape

Katie Neal

Financial regulation is an incredibly dense and convoluted field to navigate. On top of federal financial regulation, there are fifty different states with webs of laws. Additionally, regulator and policymaker interest in the intersection of financial technology has picked up drastically over the last year. Relevant laws, such as consumer privacy, data retention, and opt-out requirements add another layer of complexity to this ecosystem.

This workshop aims to help lay out the current policy landscape, help founders develop an engagement strategy with relevant federal and state regulators and lawmakers, and avoid some of the pitfalls that can limit innovative new consumer use cases.

Building a tech infrastructure


For many startups, the challenge of balancing over- and under-investment in their technical stack has a huge impact on their product development lifecycle.

In this workshop, we will help identify the right level of investment in product stack for founders and cover what investments can be deferred, what is actually very important to build brand trust, and how to optimize for, both, time and money.

Our goal is to provide guidance to founders on how best to invest in their technical product to facilitate velocity and iterate quickly, while building a quality product.

Storytelling & building a narrative


How do you break through the noise and create a company narrative that inspires? As the media landscape evolves, securing press coverage as a fledgling company is increasingly challenging. And yet, creating awareness and attracting a following are pivotal for any company’s growth trajectory.

In this session, we’ll provide guidance on how to develop your brand story, and ways in which you can approach translating that story across channels and audiences. After this session, you’ll be equipped with a story framework that can help form your identity and mission as a company. We’ll also offer guidance on how to approach the press and conference organizers in order to join relevant industry conversations and news cycles.

Designing user centric products & brand


In a crowded FinTech market, building a product that addresses user needs and cultivating a reputable brand identity are both integral to a company’s success.

In this session, we will share best practices for building empathy for your users and identifying key aspects to address within your product/service. We will also provide hands-on tools for you to understand how to improve the end-to-end user experience throughout their engagement with your product/service.

Design is a discipline that touches many parts of a business. We hope you come away from this session with a better understanding around how to identify user pain points, build a holistic user journey that results in a trustworthy user experience, and utilize design to help influence your brand’s perception.

Investor readiness


One of the primary sources of underrepresentation in tech is unequal access to capital and finding the right partners to grow your business with is crucial

In this workshop, we will outline best practices around tying key indicators to fundraising milestones, identifying ideal investors and sequencing outreaching, managing the capital raise process, and post-raise investor communications.

After the workshop, we hope you will be able to structure a streamlined fundraise process and understand when your business is ready for each stage of company building. With the wide range of investor types and stages, it can be challenging to identify and engage with the right capital partners but doing so can help accelerate your business and position for long-term success.

Hiring & building teams


For early stage companies setting up best recruiting practices is the most important and hardest part of building a company. Recruiting strategy is a crucial advisory function that a company needs in order to succeed. When recruiting is reactionary it can have detrimental long term effects on company growth and culture.

Our goal through this workshop is to educate members of founding teams on how to conduct thoughtful recruiting that will help you identify, hire, and keep suitable talent. We will help participants optimize recruiting coast, quality, and speed.

Ongoing support

Nell Malone

In this workshop we will be going through the partnership structure for the next nine months. We will provide details around the ongoing skillshare network to support any questions you may have during the program period, the mentorship network to get you specialized advice based on the needs of your startup and the account management support you will receive for your Plaid integration.

Post-bootcamp support

Workshop leads will do their best to address all of your suggestions during the workshop, but please be aware that the content will be optimized to be holistic and beneficial to all participants. If your specific question does not get answered during the workshop or if you have tactical questions coming out of the bootcamp, feel free to reach out to the skill share network. Read more about this in the ongoing support network section of this guide.