Ongoing support

Utilize Plaid as a partner.

We designed the virtual bootcamp to cover business, product, and technical topics relevant to early-stage company building but we know that questions on how to navigate the regulatory environments of different states do not get resolved in a day. We built the FinRise ongoing support network to provide the support you need throughout the 9 month program.

Dedicated account manager

After you complete the 3 day virtual bootcamp, you will be introduced to your dedicated Plaid Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be your day-to-day contact as you build on Plaid. After you are introduced to your account manager, they will schedule a kick-off call to better understand your Plaid use case (if relevant) and plan your implementation. Following the kickoff, you will work with your account manager to refine your integration, explore new products and use cases, and troubleshoot. Your Account Manager can address your questions and provide updates regarding Plaid products, and can consult with you regarding overall product, strategy and roadmap alignment.

Skillshare network

After the virtual bootcamp, you can continue to leverage Plaid’s internal subject matter experts by utilizing our skillshare network. Each workshop will have a corresponding skillshare pod of function-specific ‘experts’ to help problem solve issues and provide advice specific to your situation. Founders can reach the community of Plaid experts via email, or by attending office hours to troubleshoot, seek advice and consult on specific situations.

How to engage with the skillshare network:

  • Email aliases - We'll be providing a list of email aliases for each skillshare pod. When emailing questions, please provide all necessary context, clearly indicate your question or the topic you need advice on, and if relevant, any time-sensitivity. The aliases will be monitored by a dedicated pod of subject matter experts. Providing appropriate context will be crucial in receiving timely and relevant guidance. For email inqueries, please expect an average turnaround time of 3-5 days.

  • Office hours - Our skillshare pods will also host office hours open to all FinRise participants on an ad hoc / as needed basis (no more than once a month). These will be structured as 30-45 minute open forums where founders can join and ask questions or troubleshoot live. Office hours are a great channel for more general questions or discussion topics that others would benefit from participating in. If you have a more specific question or one that requires significant context, we recommend directing the inquiry to the skillshare email alias. The specific cadence and scheduling of office hours will be specific to the pod and will be kept up to date on your FinRise calendar.

Plaid mentorship program

Building a company is a unique and uniquely challenging experience. In addition to the more tactical day-to-day support of account management and the FinRise Skillshare Network, the mentorship program serves as an avenue for you to connect with leaders at Plaid that have experience founding an early-stage company, growing or leading teams, mentoring startups, and/or have relevant specialized experience. The goal of the mentorship program is to provide a dedicated channel to receive guidance or another perspective as you navigate the early stage of building a company including building and scaling teams, navigating setbacks, finding product market fit, etc.

In order to pair you with a Plaid mentor, we will send a survey to better understand your specific needs and interests in a mentor relationship. Mentors and mentees will be matched by the FinRise team and introduced with a 30 minute meeting following the bootcamp. Subsequent meetings and contact should be organized mutually by each mentor and mentee with the goal of maintaining a relationship throughout the duration of the program.

You and your mentor can work together to determine how to make the most of your time together. We encourage you to be open and transparent about what you’re looking for and to come prepared with questions, topics for discussion, and any critical issues or challenges you are experiencing.