Network support

Access to capital and newtork service partners.

We know that one of the primary sources of underrepresentation in tech is unequal access to capital and that finding the right partners to grow your business with is crucial. To address that, we’ve put together a network of partners to help guide you through some best practices around capital raising.

Captial access

Our Capital Access partners are Venture Capital firms and accelerators that have experience investing in and supporting early stage fintech companies and companies with founders that are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. In building this network, we hope to provide a space in which you can build relationships with investors, get the advice you need, and make connections that will lead to future fundraising opportunities.

As part of the Capital Access focus of FinRise, you will participate in three primary events:

  • Investor preparedness workshop - One of the workshop sessions during the virtual 3-day bootcamp will be dedicated to investor preparedness and fundraising. The bootcamp will leverage the insights of our VC partners and will serve as a jumping off point for conversations around raising capital and engaging with investors.
  • Pitch Day - During this 90 minute event, you will practice your pitch to a panel of venture capitalists who can give real-time feedback and tailored advice followed by a Q&A session.
  • Networking Event - Founders and investors will participate in a Q&A followed by an interactive cocktail/mocktail mixology class and social hour.

Service partners

When building a company, it’s important to select vendors and service partners that are stage appropriate, understand your use case, and are supportive partners as you grow your business. Plaid has identified fintech startup-friendly service providers to streamline the process of selecting vendors to partner with. Additionally some providers offer special rates and discounts specifically for FinRise participants.

We'll highlight more information about our service partners here later in the program.