Class of 2021

Your FinRise Guide

Resources to accompany your learning journey together.


March to December, 2021

Prepare for the program

Congratulations on being a part of FinRise’s first class of startups! To get started, please go through the checklist below to get setup. If you run into any troubles, you can always email to get in contact with the program team.

Participate in three days of workshops

The bootcamp is upon us! Over the next three days you’ll be attending a series of interactive workshops led by Plaid experts on a variety of topics. Your pre-bootcamp survey helped us design the content for these sessions.

Engage with Plaid’s network of support

We can’t wait to meet you as well, so here is a sneak peek of the post-bootcamp support you will receive.

Graduate and pass on your wisdom!

Almost there! We only have a few more months to get through the program.